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Free social media sharing buttons code

Get free HTML share buttons code for your websites and blogs. Generate secure and responsive social media sharing tools. Improve SEO and traffic. Lukkr helps your visitors to share, email, bookmark your website content everywhere on the web. Get more shares on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, WhatsApp and other social networks.

Free share buttons and sharing bar

Easy share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks. Grow your website traffic.

Easy web page translation

Instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages.

Responsive and mobile friendly

Share buttons, floating bar and site tools work perfect in both desktop and mobile devices.

Buttons for HTTPS & HTTP websites

Secure social media share buttons and icons to any HTTP and HTTPS websites. No data tracking & storing.

Increase your website traffic

Make your websites viral. Get more likes, more shares and more visitors. Make your site smarter and better.

Additional websites tools

Auto page scrolling, URL shortners, Text to speech (TTS), Quote sharing tool, Multiple search engines and more.

Quick right-click sharing

Get 2x more shares and traffic by quick right-click sharing option. Best for your desktop users.

Quick SEO optimization

Lukkr floating sharing bar can be used with other social sharing platforms. Always free and no signups required.

anti adblock

Add best Anti Adblock Script to your Website HTML - Stop Losing Income!

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Earn more ads revenue. Add best anti adblock script into your website HTML. Lukkr offers free Anti adblock script that automatically detects the adblocker then show alert message and force to disable/turn off adblocker on your website. Stop losing income!

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Share button generator

Get simple and secure share buttons for any website. Generate social media sharing buttons code. Easy share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks. Get free all-in-one HTML buttons code. Grow your website traffic. Works on any website and simple to use. Best social sharing plugin. Generate super fast and easy social media sharing buttons in less then minute

Beautiful Share button for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more

Add simply beautiful share buttons with essential tools to your site

Boost your website traffic

Simple and smart sharing buttons helps you to get more likes and more shares popular social networks.

Share Buttons plugin

Install share buttons plugins into your website HTML easily

Best HTML Share Buttons and Sharing Bar

Sharing web pages made easy. Add secure social media share buttons with free tools.

Secure Share Buttons HTTPs Websites

Add mobile friendly share buttons and icons to any HTTP and HTTPS websites.

Bookmarking and Email Buttons - Social Media Sharing Buttons

Bookmark and email any web pages.