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Get Share Buttons to your Websites and Blogger Blogs

Social Media Share Buttons

Add 100+ Free Social Media Share Buttons to Your Websites and Blogger Blogs. Let your visitors share your website content to any social networks and email services. Lukkr social share bar helps your visitors to share, email, bookmark your website content everywhere on the web for free. Get more shares on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Pinterest and all popular social networks. Get more visitors and page views...

Easily enhance your website with all in one social media free share buttons code. Improve your websites' SEO and traffic. Boost and grow your site by adding free sharing buttons code. Get Simple Social Sharing Icons with must-have website tools. Free share buttons javascript makes your Site Smarter and Better. Generate Secure, Responsive Share bar for Desktop and Mobile Devices.

Secure & Free share buttons

Easy share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp and all popular social networks. Grow your website traffic.

Easy web page translation

Instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages.

Responsive and mobile friendly

Free Floating sharebar, tools & icons work perfect in both desktop and mobile devices.

Supports both HTTPS & HTTP websites

Secure social media icons to any HTTP and HTTPS websites. No data tracking & storing.

Increase your website traffic

Make your domain viral. Get more likes, shares and visitors. Make your site smarter and better.

Advanced built-in tools

Auto page scrolling, URL shortners, Text to speech (TTS), Multiple search engines, widgets and all for free.

Social Media HTML Share Buttons will adjust according to the users' screen size. The future of share buttons are listed and compiled here with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence technology sharing tools. In the future vector based social icons will help your content marketing and social promotion strategies publisher tools. No complicated coding and no tracking at all. Some icons only appears on mobile devices. Lukkr responsive and mobile friendly sharebar enhances better user experience. Generate javascript snippet code. Let visitors to read your pages hands-free with Up and Down auto scrolling options. Ability to produce right-sharing platform for the right people. Provides easy to use, beautiful, elegant, modern short-code script, html tag solutions for desktop and mobile platforms. OnScroll Buttons option : Your social share buttons and icons will appear only on OnScroll page scrolling and disappear onscroll top of the web-page. The best addthis alternative. The best addtoany alternative. The best sharethis alternative. Disable right mouse click and oncontextmenu on your website pages and protect your images and photos from copying others. No right click option enabled.

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Social Media HTML Share Buttons Code - Generate javascript snippet code

Are your finding beautiful and elegant free share buttons code javascript or alternatives to addthis, sharethis or addtoany? Lukkr sharing tools is really best choice for your. Lukkr shares your web pages easier and faster. Generate free all-in-one HTML share buttons widgets code. Grow your website traffic. Works on any website. Sharing icons, plugins and widgets. Generate super fast sharing and email button services in less then minute. Generate javascript snippet code.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp Buttons

Add simply beautiful free website-tools and widgets to your sites and blogger blogs. Popular Email services help you to grab more likes and more shares popular social networks.

Share Widgets and sharing icons for sites and blogger blogs

Install onscroll free html sharing plugins into your website javascript or HTML easily. Add mobile friendly popular share buttons javascript and icons to any HTTP and HTTPS sites. Sharing bookmark and email any web pages. Make use of the benefits of best HTML sharing javascript widget. Generate javascript snippet code.

Get sharing buttons javascript snippet code for desktop and mobile sites.

Get sharing buttons javascript snippet code for websites and blogger blogs. Also try Following Tools and Widgets to your sites and blogs.