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anti adblock

Get Anti Adblock Script for Your Site and Blogger Blog

Do not lose your website ad revenue. Automatically alert your website visitors whenever adblocker is enabled on their browser. Recover Your Ads Income, Easier and Smarter. Get more website traffic and visitors with built-in popular social sharing buttons add-on.

anti adblock

Add Anti Adblock Code - Stop Losing Your Website Ads Income

Lukkr offers free Anti adblock script that automatically detects to disable adblockers. Shows alert message and forces to stop/disable/turn off adblocker on your site and Blogger Blog. Stop losing income! Earn more ads revenue! Many site owners are depending on advertisement revenue (e.g. Google Adsense) to keep their site alive. Unfortunately most of the publishers are losing their money due to the Adblockers. Place this best anti adblock code into your website HTML with built-in popular social share buttons to boost and enhance your site.

Alert, Detect, Disable and Block Adblockers - Disable Adblockers

Alert, detect, disable and block adblocking add-ons on visitors' browser. Generate anti ad-blocking snippet. Disable Adblockers using this best anti adblock script. Block adblockers on any site. Paste free anti adblock code into your site HTML. Stop adblockers add-ons on your visitors browser using this Anti adblock script. Disable Adblockers without spending money. The best anti-adblocking widget ever to block adblockers - Disable adblockers.