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Best Search Engines and Alternative Search EnginesLukkr (pronounce look-er) makes multi-searching the web easier and faster by categories. Lukkr offers a new way to search your favorite and top sites at once. Everything you need, now on your homepage. No need to go various websites to find information. Stop loading unnecessary webpages and save your valuable time. Access all best search engines in one place. makes it easy multi searching Web, Image, Video, File, Music, Mp3, Radio, Pdf, Photo, News, Stocks, Finance, Maps, Shopping, Deals, Online Streaming, Live Tv, Songs, Live News, TV Channels Serials, Movie Clips, Trailers, Q&A, Games, Documents, Ebooks, Software, Shared Files, Answers, Social, Jobs, Education, Recipes, Dictionaries and more. The best all in one multisearch engine. Just type in what you are looking for and get results Over 100 different services. Quickly access Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Youtube and 200+ most useful services. Alternative search engines are compiled in a single layer. Press ctrl+d or cmd+d to bookmark this page. Set Lukkr as your Start page.

Lukkr - All in one search engine

Are your finding alternatives to bing or duckdukgo? All in one multi-search engine collecting all meta, top search engines on a single page. It helps you in searching everything easier and faster. Try google alternative search engines. Quickly access online major sites simultaneously on the Internet.

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This web-based tool enables users to grab information from advanced and top alternative search engines list of the World Wide Web. You can use it both desktop and mobile platforms. Explore multiple sites and all your favorites smartly. Most favorites at your finger tips.

Searching multiple sites at the same time

There are lots of alternative options here to gather information, newspapers, lyrics, finance quotes, documentation files, multiple search engines and many more on the Internet. Quickly learn important tips and tricks to find everything in single query. In the “site:” function Google searches only a particular website. For example if you want directly go through, type it as “” in omnibox.

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Directly multisearch popular sites, best search engines and favorite services with (one time keywords) auto filling Search-boxes. No need to retype the same keywords again. Type less, find more... Set Lukkr as your browser homepage »

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