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lukkr_search_enginesMulti search all in one page. Search top websites and best search engines together. A new way to search the web. Start alternative internet searching. No need to go various sites. One keyword for all searching. Type less, find more. offers multi-search engines for web, music, videos, photos, mp3, news, tech, images, maps, streams, social, pdf, shopping, documents, files, academic, jobs, recipes, dictionary, Q&A, games and all major and meta search engines. Directly search Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Youtube, Ask, Aol, Yandex, Duckduckgo, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and 200+ most useful websites. Press ctrl+d or cmd+d to bookmark this page. Make as your homepage and search all in one page easily

Google Alternatives - All Search Engines List

Quickly search most popular websites and multiple search engines. Try google alternatives. Start the fastest internet searching.

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